The Real Estate market in Edmonton is open for business!

While sellers have been enjoying strong pricing all year long and we’ve seen a healthy selection of properties for buyers to choose from, now we’re finally seeing the strongest sales activity of the year. Sales in June were 13% higher than they were in May. For the first time all year, sales totals were higher than they were for the same period of 2014 as well.

Despite a bit of a sluggish start to the year in sales, the strong pricing has kept confidence in our Real Estate market high. Now that sales activity has shown genuine growth and inventory levels begin to stabilize, we should expect prices to remain stable.

Some buyers may have been waiting for warmer weather. Some buyers may have been waiting for signs that they could feel confident in our economy. A 13% increase from month to month is significant. It may just be that many buyers have come to a point in their lives where a change in their living arrangement makes sense. A change in your life is usually the biggest factor in deciding to make a move in the Real Estate market. If your life is calling for a change, talk to your local REALTOR® – here when life happens.

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