We’ve actually passed the half way point of 2015.

Edmonton Westmount

That makes this the perfect time to assess what we’ve seen in the Edmonton Real Estate market for this year.

Throughout the first half of 2015, sales in our region were slower than what we came to expect in 2014. In fact, halfway through the year, residential sales were down about 10% from last year’s totals. The curious thing was that sluggish sales did little to dampen prices.

Buyers have been enjoying a great selection of homes through the first 6 months of the year, and it seems as though they’ve been taking their time making up their minds. At the same time, sellers have shown confidence in their pricing strategies, so average prices have remained higher than last year. 

June showed a change in this year’s trend, and home sales leapt by 13% from May. With a confident group of buyers finally ready to take the plunge, we should expect steady activity in the market through the rest of the year. Since buyers managed to maintain price integrity through the slower months, we should also expect prices to remain strong and steady. 

What else will the second half of 2015 hold for home buyers and sellers? Talk to your local REALTOR® –here when life happens.

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