We’ve always maintained that with the help of a REALTOR®…


We’ve always maintained that with the help of a REALTOR®, you will be able to find a home that makes sense for what’s happening in your life. It isn’t always quite as easy as it has been lately, though. Last year, there was a very shallow pool of properties for home buyers to choose from, especially in the very popular 400 to 450 thousand dollar range. Home buyers definitely felt pressure to act quickly when they did find the right property.

Fast forward to September of this year. With 47% more properties on the market than a year ago, the pressure is off. Home buyers have the luxury of choice, and can afford to take a little longer making up their minds. It’s worth noting though, that despite considerably more properties on the market, sellers aren’t having to significantly drop their prices. It’s a unique situation that works very well for both buyers and sellers today.

While you no longer need to rush into a decision, you also don’t want to miss the perfect home if you find it. Your REALTOR® can help you determine exactly what you want and need in a home, and help you recognize it when you find it. You have an abundance to choose from. To narrow that view down to something that works best for your life, talk to your local REALTOR® – here when life happens.

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