Home buyers don’t hibernate!


We always expect home sales to slow down a bit as we sink into the winter months. That doesn’t mean that people stop buying homes, though. In fact, the right conditions can bring buyers out in droves. Right now in Edmonton, we’re seeing the right conditions. Buyers are definitely eager to take advantage of low interest rates while they last. The huge amount of inventory on the market right now, in all property categories, also has many homes buyers ready to test the market. So even though things may slow down a bit, conditions are perfect for a lot of real estate activity.

Home sellers should be very encouraged by the strong prices we’re seeing right now, but it’s important to price your property competitively. Buyers do have options, so you want to have the most attractive offering you can.

Say what you want about weather conditions, interest rates, and inventory. At the end of the day, most moves are precipitated by what’s happening in your life. Yes, those attractive conditions may be a factor that convinces you the time is right, but changes in your circumstances will be the biggest driving force in a home purchase. Your local REALTOR® can help you determine how current conditions in the market and current conditions in your life will impact your decision. Your local REALTOR® – here when life happens. 

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